Sony MEX-BT500 CD Player
Built-in bluetooth for hands free calling.
Features: Hands-free Bluetooth calling, Built in microphone, Stereo music streaming via Bluetooth, DRIVE-S chassis, Rotary encoder, LCD display, MP3/WMA playback, Play up to 10x as many tracks from MP3 CDs, Front aux input for MP3 players, Power Output 4 x 52w, Remote commander supplied

Pioneer DEH-P85BT CD Tuner
Bluetooth CD Player with iPod connectivity
Features: 4 x 50W power output, 75W minimum, 200W maximum power output, 3 x 4V pre-outs, Line-in, Direct iPod connection-lead included, Control your iPod through stereo controls, Built-in microphone for Bluetooth hands free calling, Bluetooth music streaming, Rear AUX input for MP3 player/iPod, MP3/WMA playback function, Play upto 10x as many tracks on one disc, RDS, Made for iPod
All-in-one DVD/MP3/CD player system
Features: All-in-one DVD/MP3/CD player, Built-in 3.5" widescreen LCD, Built-in Bluetooth for Hands-free calling, Play upto 1000 MP3 tracks on 1 disc, Rear mounted USB port