What do you do if you misfuel?

DO NOT start your engine.

If you have started the car, stop it as soon and as safe as possible!

For Emergency Breakdown call 07940 794 693


General Information

Misfueling happens to thousands of motorists each year. The problem was never that great before when there were less petrol cars on the road. However today we have the increase of diesel cars and that's where the most misfueling situations occur.

If you do misfuel, dont start your engine. This is so that no contamination is fuelled through the fuel lines. If you have switched on your engine, switch it off immediately, because the damage being done is dangerous and expensive. Costs can encur between £500.00 – £3000.00.

All our fuel we retrieve is taken to our nearest recycling centre.

Please note: Fresh fuel is charged at pump price

Average recovery time: 1 HOUR